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Our Cheerfit® Classes

Cheerfit® is a fitness format that was founded on the basic principles of cheerleading motions, dance moves and strength training exercise.  We have taken these characteristics to the next level of group fitness by focusing on the fitness aspect in cheerleading while adding the fun of the sport to a variety of age groups. Our Cheerfit® instructors are former and current cheerleaders, certified in teaching Cheerfit® format through 2 programs:

  • All Stars Elementary School Squads; an after school enrichment program


Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes we offer or call (720) 233-6605 to speak with one of our Cheerfit® instructors or visit our contact us page to sign up.


All Star Elementary School Squad (Ages 6-12)

Sign your daughter up for the after school All Star Squad.  This enrichment course offers not only a fun outlet and training for your little cheerleader, but because we also focus on fitness, your daughter will be getting in shape and staying healthy!  Our instructors come right to your child's school and meet every week to teach cheer motions, basic stunting and exercises while putting it all together in a hip heart-pumping cardio dance routine. Click Here to find your child's school and enroll today!

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